My Top 3 Health Tips For Beginners

Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out today’s post! Today I plan to give you 3 health tips for beginners that I believe are the most important to incorporate as early into your transformation as you can.

  1. Drop Sugary Drinks

If you’re just beginning your healthy venture then the first thing I recommend cutting out is sugar, but I know that most people won’t be willing to cut out most sugar from their life cold turkey. Therefore if you absolutely need sugar in your life I recommend you get your fix from some dark chocolate or even better some fruits and immediately cut out any drinks with artificial sugars. There are so many reasons why cutting out sugar is beneficial but the main point I want to make is that these drinks contain absurd amounts of sugar and are a lot easier to consume large amounts of compared to candies which will fill you up faster. If you can cut out these drinks from your life you will have an amazing start to cutting out sugars as this will be a vast majority of your sugar intake if you drink them often. (Main offenders: soda pop, energy drinks, coffees from places like Starbucks, slushes)

A tip I can give that I used for myself; When I did it I ended up cutting  cold turkey due to doctors demand. So I bought a case of 17oz water bottles from my local grocery store and I would put green tea bags in them. Whenever I really craved a soda I would drink some unsweetened green tea, or I would make some hot unsweetened peppermint tea. Those are just my personal preferences for teas to casually drink, they can be replaced with your favorite unsweetened teas.

  1. Start With Simple Workouts

When you are starting to get into working out you will be a lot better off starting with simple workouts like jogs, medium weight work, or yoga opposed to doing some high weight or long distance workouts you find on the internet. If you “put too much on your plate” it’s going to make working out more daunting to continue on the following days because you do not yet have working out as an automatic habit in your daily life, therefore increasing the chances of quitting. I’m not saying to not push yourself and see what you’re made of, just don’t start with running a mile if you haven’t run a mile in 5 years. Instead days 1-5 walk that mile and then in the following days start jogging for portions until you are able to eventually run a mile. Keeping it at a manageable, yet effective pace will make the process of staying consistent much easier. But remember to still push yourself! You always want to work to grow everyday.

  1. Stretch

I personally love stretching a lot, I stretch after my workouts, as well as before I go to bed. Stretching is mostly known for increasing flexibility, however there are so many more amazing benefits to stretching. Stretching after your workouts will help promote muscle repair by returning more blood flow to the muscle, therefore bringing that muscle more of the recovery nutrients it needs from your post workout meal/protein shake. Stretching has also shown in multiple studies to have great influence on fixing posture problems. When you consistently stretch a muscle everyday you will also be strengthening that muscle’s range which in turn will make it a lot less likely for that muscle to sustain an injury. 

When you stretch, it should be after some sort of decent exercise. Doing static stretching (where you stretch and hold in place for 30+ seconds) on cold muscles can lead to injury, and in a lot of cases a decrease of output in your workout. However if you feel you need to stretch before your workout you should instead be doing dynamic stretches, which unlike static stretches, are where you replicate movements similar to those done during exercise to begin warming.

Here is a dynamic stretching routine for you to try before your next workout.

Thank you so much for reading today, remember everyone starts at day 1 and bettering yourself is something you should never be ashamed of! I hope this article was able to give you value and help you get 1% better than yesterday! If you enjoyed please consider following my new fitness Twitter @FladungFitness or my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness!

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