Why I Write In A Journal Every Night

Journaling is something I have tried on and off for multiple periods of my life but it wasn’t until early march 2020 that I started consistently writing every night. The reason I started having a consistent habit of journaling was a bit… different. I listened to many podcasts featuring very successful people in their respective field, and one thing I noticed that was common with a lot of them is they had some sort of end of day ritual where they write down and reflect on their day. Well back in early 2020 I was hungry for information and was ready to try anything and everything to try and make myself like these idols. And for a while I journaled but I didn’t see myself getting anything from it, I even wanted to stop wasting the time each night because I never knew what to write or why I was writing it. 

Then I listened to a really influential podcast that I really wish I saved as I forgot the name of the person being interviewed and I have been searching for it since. But in this interview they detailed great ways to journal at night, and introduced me to the idea of using the journal as a way to reflect on my actions for the day and see if my day was productive towards my goals or not. 

Journaling instantly changed for me, it became a review of how I’m doing when it comes to working towards my main goals. And with my main goals being the main thing to me, proper journaling became a necessity. Now I’m not going to talk about how to journal, at least not in today’s article. Instead I just want to emphasize the importance of reflecting on your daily actions.

If you go to journal and you realize you spent 4 hours playing video games instead of doing that extra work, getting that workout in, spending that time working towards learning skills like art and music, or even missing time with friends and family, you are probably not going to feel great about yourself and your day. And as much as I wish I could get you to not be down on yourself when writing down parts of your day you may not be proud of, but all I can do is explain that this feeling can be manifested and used to do better the next day and the day after that. If I ever went back and looked at my day and I wasn’t happy with the results I would make sure I did it the next day, no compromise. The last thing you want to do is make the mistake 2 days in a row, or else you’re beginning a new habit.

If you spend time in a way you wish you didn’t then the best thing you can do is to never let it happen twice in a row. Get back the momentum and complete your tasks in the following days, once the momentum starts getting going you will be able to accomplish your goals with way less resistance than you previously had.

If you find yourself consistently not putting enough time into your goals and finding you’re leaking too much time into social media or Netflix then you can then a good way to use that information is to make a more solid schedule for your next day. When you schedule out your day by the hour and stick to it, I find it much easier to stay on track which in turn provides me the time needed for working towards my goals, relaxation time, and time for everyday obligations like family, pets, work etc.

I highly recommend you start to journal as a way to reflect on your day and see if you are staying on track. And once again don’t beat yourself up, manifest the feeling to build new momentum the next day and finish out the week strong.

Thank you so much for reading today! I hope this article was able to give you value and get you 1% better than yesterday! If you enjoyed please consider following my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness!

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