How I Went From Struggling to Meditate, To Meditating Every Morning

I have tried on and off for the past 2 years to incorporate meditation into my life with little success. I always seem to think too much, be in an uncomfortable position, and just wait for that 5 minute timer to go off so I can stop. Is this sounding familiar to any of you? If you’re like me the idea of sitting still, and not thinking and just being in the moment seemed daunting if not borderline impossible.

But that’s when through the help of my mother who frequently meditates I was introduced to a meditations app with guided mediations, and one specific guided meditation gave me the tool that allowed me to almost instantly be able to effectively meditate.

What I was able to learn from these guided meditations was a new type of meditation, Mantra Meditation.

Before I explain how mantra meditations work and why it was so impactful for me, let me break down the word itself. Mantra is derived from 2 Sanskrit works, “man” meaning mind, and “tra” meaning release. As this would suggest mantra meditation is releasing your thoughts into the world to be manifested. 

Mantra meditation is much like regular meditation but during your breathing you repeat a mantra, or in other words a saying or affirmation that empowers you and allows you to focus on one specific goal or idea in your life. For example I use similar mantras every day but the most common for me is “world champion” because a major goal of mine for this next year is to become the world champion of VGC, as well as “I am Mentally tough” because I see mental resilience and grit as a highly valuable tool in chasing dreams and wish to gained this valuable skill.

To begin mantra meditation first you want to choose your inhale or exhale to say your mantra, I personally am more comfortable on the exhale. Then while focusing on your breath make sure you breathe in deeply and breathe out fully while saying your mantra during whichever portion of the breath you choose. Continue this for as long as you feel necessary, I started off with 3 minutes but now I am able to do anywhere from 5-10 minutes without getting heavily distracted and keeping myself focused. Please don’t worry if you’re not great at staying focused at first, just like everything else in life it’s going to take time for you to gain the skills needed to meditate longer.

Whatever it is you wish to focus on during this time you can find a mantra for it, and by consistently repeating it you are going to start making that a thought that is ingrained in your head. 

March of this year when I first started mantra meditations I had my world champion mantra but I had a hard time visualizing myself or feeling like it was truly possible. Now months later, after consistent mantra meditation the thought of me becoming world champion is very comfortable with me and I am very confident I will become the champion if I continue with the level of work and dedication towards improving I have now.

If you have troubles with standard meditation as I do then mantra meditation is something you can try. The repetition of the phrase paired with the focus on breathing made this a way to meditate that not only made it very easy for me to do but I have had huge benefits in boosting my confidence, slowing down my racing mind, and helping me manifest my true goals and dreams.

Thank you for reading today, I hope this article was able to give you value and help you get 1% better than yesterday! If you enjoyed please consider following my new fitness Twitter @FladungFitness or my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness!

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