Falling Off Track Happens, But You Have To Get Back On It

Recently I lost a lot of momentum, if not all my momentum. I was killing it everyday and I was seeing a lot of progress in the area’s I was focusing on. However, it was halted when I got a rejection for an opportunity that would have immediately drastically changed my life for the better. This hurt me… a lot, and I had a few day’s where I had no motivation or drive to do anything besides just lay in bed and stare at my phone. 

This has now caused a spiral, where my morning/night routines are no longer in place, my sleep schedule is wacked out and the general productivity in my day is lowered.

But no more. 

No more slacking, no more watching my dreams fade away, no more doubt in myself.

No more miss-spent time on my phone.

Today I am getting back on track, by writing new articles for the blog, finally ordering the equipment to start my YouTube channel, and getting my schedule cemented back into my brain. 

Today I will eat the meals I usually eat, when I usually eat them, and eliminate the groggy feeling I have been feeling the past few days.

Today I will crush my workouts, crush practice, and crush my sports medicine study.

Today I will start making my daily content again.

Today I will stream and it will be my best yet.

Today I will get back on track and continue my promise to myself to finish out this year better than ever.

Falling off track, happens to all of us no matter how motivated you were the day before it happens.

But all that matters is getting back up more times than you get pushed down.

Today I stop letting myself feel sorry for myself and instead continue to improve myself for my next opportunities.

Sorry for little posting on the blog the past week, I will be back stronger than ever.

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