The Benefits of Daily Affirmations

Believing in one’s self is something that many people struggle with in today’s society. When wanting to accomplish a goal, whether that be in a career, physical/mental health, relationships, or personal beliefs, there is one tool that many people are not using that can have a huge benefit, and that is affirmations.

Affirmations are really easy to understand how to do and implement in the day. All you do is dedicate a period of time in your day, I recommend 10 minutes, to say out loud phrase(s) that reinforce your belief in yourself. 

But why would you want to do this, and how could this simple act benefit you?

And that is a great question and today I would like to break down affirmations and how they have helped me in massive ways!

The way you talk to yourself has a large impact on your mentality day to day even if you don’t think it has any effect. If you are always negative about yourself and your life then your life will likely always seem gloomy and hopeless. I mean, why would you believe that your life could get better, you could be happier, or more successful if the voice in your head is always putting you down in all your efforts?

That’s where affirmations come in, it is an interception of that voice in your head that allows you to start telling yourself that you are capable, you are enough, you CAN do it. 

Now this isn’t something you do once and then you have belief, it’s something you do everyday for weeks, months, years, a lifetime. One of my favorite quotes “The work comes before the belief” once again applies to affirmations, you have to continually practice the habit daily before you see any benefits and believe in its positive power.

But once you begin to feel the benefits of telling yourself you are enough, you are capable, you are skilled, you are a hard worker, whatever area it is that you need to begin building confidence in, you will start taking the actions necessary to fulfill that statement.

I started affirmations in my esports career, every morning I would take a walk and during my walk there was a street that would take me about 10 minutes to get from one end to the other. And once I took a step onto the sidewalk of that street I would begin my affirmations until I turned onto the next street on my route. I would tell myself out loud “I am capable of becoming world champion”, “I am capable of becoming a hard worker” “I am a smart and great player”. After months of doing this none of these statements were a surprise to me, I was a hard worker, I was a great player, and I was on the path to becoming the world champion. (but the world shutting down delayed this)

I then started affirmations about my health and fitness “I am capable of controlling my diet” “I am capable of pushing myself” “I am capable of quitting smoking” “I am someone who lives a healthy lifestyle”. Now here we are a year later, and I am in control my my diet and relationship with food, I push myself at the gym consistently and see great results each week, I quit smoking, and I live a very healthy lifestyle physically and mentally.

None of this was true when I started, and I didn’t have the belief of it being true either, but after telling myself this outloud on my walk each morning I started to tell myself these things in my head during the act. I would start saying these affirmations to myself when I was about to eat unhealthy junk food, or when I wanted to go light at the gym, or when I wanted to just smoke and play video games all day. 

Once again, The work comes before the belief, and the work causes the belief. 

This simple habit is very easy to implement into your day, you could do it while driving, working out, before you go to bed, while stretching, whenever you know you have a consistent 5-10 minute period each day put affirmation in that time frame. Once you find the time frame, commit to doing it each day for at least 2 weeks, and if it doesn’t help you at all then you can drop it. But I am confident that if you begin to talk to yourself in a more positive way for 2 weeks you will see the benefit and keep it as a routine each day you can and begin to build the belief in yourself that you deserve.

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