How To Discover Your Passion In Life

Everyone wants something to work towards, be passionate about, and devote their life too. However, what I have learned is that many don’t know what it is they’re passionate about, and in turn don’t have anything to work upon.

Today I want to share what I have learned about how to discover your passion and learn what it is that you are meant to be doing with your life.

There are 2 main steps that make up this equation: discovering, and cultivating.


If you aren’t sure what it is that you want to do with your life and that brings you a feeling of unhappiness then the first step you need to take is to make discovering what you are interested in your highest priority. 

This will mean going out and doing things out of your ordinary, if what you are doing in your day to day life isn’t what lights you up, then you have to go out and shake things up so you can come across as many different areas of life as possible and discover the hobbies, ideas, or paths that make you feel alive. 

In the new world of the internet almost anything is able to be monetized meaning you can make a career out of any passion with enough knowledge and work. There are millionaires out there made from playing the video game Minecraft, from making ridiculous, yet hilarious YouTube videos, creating unique art, making music starting from their basement. If you are able to become one of the best at what it is you choose to do, you can monetize it so don’t shy away from any discovery you make just because you think you can’t make a living off of it.

Start taking classes like archery, cooking, go to sporting events, read books on things you have slight interest in, go with your friends to try out their hobbies, and don’t say no to trying something just because it’s unfamiliar to you. 

Don’t be ashamed of whatever it is that you truly think it is you want to do. I was an esports pro for many years and chased a dream based around video games, and that dream is still alive and something I actively work towards even though video games are largely looked down upon by the majority. Esports has become a huge industry creating thousands upon thousands of millionaires and celebrities from just being the best at a video game. My truest passion is competition, and I like video games, and now with the swiftly growing industry of esports I can pursue it and have a chance at being financially wealthy from a hobby from my childhood, but I have to block out all the naysayers, its my dream not theirs so their opinions are irrelevant. 

A good way to know when you found something to work towards is when you see what is required from you, and you get fired up thinking about doing those tasks everyday for years even if you were to fail. 

For me I want to pursue esports, as well as becoming a coach to high performers in their competition as well as health and fitness. Working out everyday, reading copious amounts of information, taking classes, implementing new workouts, writing blogs, playing hours upon hours of games for practice, watching film, playing in 10+ hour long tournaments every weekend and teaching others is something I know that even if I fail at making my vision come true that I will still love the process and not regret it in the future which makes doing the monotonous daily tasks fun and exciting. If you aren’t stoked about what you’re going to have to do/learn to achieve your goal then you are likely going to have to keep searching for that thing you want to work towards or else when you get to the monotonous daily grinds you aren’t looking forward to, you will likely quit.


Passion isn’t as pretty as many think it should be. Rarely will you find something and just instantly fall into a lifelong deep passion. You will have to take something you enjoy, and work at it and start to build that passion. 

Just a few years ago I had no interest in physical or mental health, but after a few years of learning about health, changing habits, and working out I now have a burning passion for it and it’s all because I took a slight interest in it at the beginning and kept at it and as I learned more that interest continued to grow.

I started off with just working out for health reasons, then as I saw results I started to try new workouts, clean up my diet, worked out harder and longer, until it became something that I was deeply passionate about due to the changes it caused in my life. I started buying and reading books about health, listening to podcasts everyday, learning how to cook clean meals, taking supplements, pushing myself physically and mentally, all because the process of building my body became a love for me when before it was something I loathed doing.

Let’s say you have an interest in music but you haven’t written any music, or started to learn an instrument, then most likely you aren’t going to be passionate about it to a level where you want to dedicate your life to it. However, after beginning to learn an instrument you may begin to fantasize about joining a band or becoming a DJ. If you’re more interested in the lyrical part of music you may start to begin studying top artists. Once you start playing/singing for awhile and you notice that playing brings you joy you will start to imagine playing in front of crowds, you will think about playing while at work, you will dream about playing and it will slowly grow from a hobby to a passion.

It’s all about finding a hobby, or profession and then working at it until it turns from an interest to a burning passion. The steps you need to take will be different for each walk of life, but the main takeaway I want you to realize is that you won’t just go looking for your passion and then have it magically fall into your lap and change your life. You will have to get into the nitty gritty of the daily life you will need to live to achieve that dream, and fall in love with the process. If you can find something that you will love to do even if you fail in the end, then you have found your passion and the thing you should continue to work on. Now I say even if you do fail in the end, but failure only occurs when you give up and when you cultivate your passion you likely won’t quit, meaning you won’t fail it may just take some time, and consistent daily actions to get you there.

I hope this helps show you that finding your passion in life is a process in itself of taking an interest and working at it to find if it is something you want to dedicate your life to, and then working at it everyday. Over the past 2 years I have been working to find what I am truly passionate about and it has lead me to work on many different avenues, including this blog! Although most of them turned out to not be what I was interested in, it helped me discover my true passion and further strengthen my passion in competition/esports. 

With that being said I have decided to step away from posting on this blog indefinitely. I have lots of things I am working on to further myself in my chosen path and have to cut out some of the other things I have been working on. This blog will still be here for you to read, and I hope you check out some of the other posts I have on here as I have shared all the most valuable information I have gained that has turned me from a depressed, unhealthy, lazy kid into a motivated, driven, happy and healthy adult I am now. If you are interested in my esports/competition mindset blog you can find it at I hope you all find your true passions and happiness and have an amazing life!

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