Self Improvement Is Not Something To Be Ashamed Of

Why is it that self improvement is looked down upon by the majority? Why is it that going off the grid and not doing the ‘normal’ such as partying, spending hours everyday watching TV, and spending a large portion of the day on the internet is something that is deemed “risky” or “waste of time?”

To me this is a shame as once people begin to break out of the matrix and begin to pursue the lives they know they are capable of, they are stopped by negative comments from those around them, those telling them that they are wasting their life or saying “when are you going to get serious about life and get a job?” 

Self improvement is not something to be ashamed of, not only does improving yourself make your life better, but it improves the lives of all those around you who are benefiting from you putting in the work to become better.

What is so bad about getting better health, making more money doing something you enjoy, or breaking away from hours of social media use and instead actually living? Nothing about that seems bad, right? 

Well the reason these people are looking down on us is because they don’t have the guts to step out of their comfort zone and chase a goal. When they see you doing your best to improve yourself they see weakness in themselves, they see that you are doing the work that they are not willing to do and they want to pull you back down. 

If you have ever seen crabs in a bucket you will see one or two begin to crawl out, but then the other crabs grab onto them and drag them down bringing them back into their self imposed prison.

So instead of questioning if you are taking the right actions going down this path and improving yourself, question who is in your surroundings. Don’t surround yourself with crabs in a bucket, surround yourself with butterflies about to break out of their cocoon bigger, stronger and more beautiful than ever.

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