#75Hard Round 3, Day 1

*This is a repost. The original post became corrupted and had to be taken down and re uploaded!*

This post is a bit late as I started my third round of 75Hard yesterday. However, I still want to write this on day two as if it were day 1 as I didn’t get this idea until at the gym this morning.


Before I get into it let me explain very quickly what #75Hard is for those who don’t know. 75Hard is the 1st phase of a 4 phase year long program that is extremely effective at building mental toughness. This phase is 75 days long in which you much complete the following tasks each day for 75 consecutive days. Failure in completing even one of these tasks means you must begin again on day 1.


Read 10 pages of a book that pushes you towards your goals
TWO 45 minute workouts where one of them MUST be outdoors
Drink a Gallon of water
Take a progress picture
Follow a diet
No alcohol and 0 cheat meals

Now this looks much more like a physical challenge and not a mental toughness challenge right? Well you would be correct to a degree, but the thing is, mental toughness is built by doing hard tasks outside of your comfort zone, and well, doing these tasks each day is quite challenging especially for 75 days in a row. This program builds the habit of doing things that are hard but are only going to progress you towards your goals, and begins to remove the habit of making mistakes, removes the “I’ll do it tomorrow”, and begins to unfold the self limiting beliefs you have about yourself and begins to teach you what you are truly made of.

I plan to make a write up every ~5 days about my breakthroughs, hardships, progress, thoughts, etc about the program as I make sure I put in more intent, more focus, and more work than I did for my first 2 go throughs of 75Hard. 75Hard completely changed my life in an amazing way, I will always be incredibly grateful for the livehard program and all that I have learned. But I know I’m not anywhere near my full potential and I have a lot more to give.

About a week ago I quit 75 Hard on day 25. The reason wasn’t because I was tired, I wasn’t seriously injured (although I did feel like I had runners knee which was really starting to effect my cardio) and definitely not because I messed up the program steps. The reason I quit is because I wasn’t completing the program with intent. I started just going through the motions, doing my tasks to mark the little boxes each day. Doing it this way prevented me from truly getting all the mental gains I could have garnered through doing the program with intention. After doing this program twice before I know when I’m just “doing it” and when I’m doing it RIGHT. 

After considering if I should restart I had the voice of 75Hard’s creator Andy Frisella in my head, and I knew that if he saw me during those 25 days compared to how I was my first and second go through of 75Hard that he would tell me I failed and that I’m not doing the program with intent which means I restart. After deciding that I definitely need to restart if I really want to continue to get the benefits from 75Hard I took a few days off to reflect, take a break from cardio to let my knees recover, enjoy some extra time with friends, and get myself back in the mindset of chasing goals with intention. 

I realized that the reason I wasn’t doing the program with intention was because in my mind I was at war with myself. I wasn’t really focusing on one true goal and instead was dabbling, thinking of making a transition, and this caused me to go in circles resulting in less productive days, and less drive. In this week off I really took a look at how I spend my time, what goals I have thought about, and what I want to add into my life to get a good idea of how I should fix this problem of going in circles and get back on the track of going forward.

In these few days I allowed myself some cheats that I wouldn’t normally allow myself. And guess what, I felt like SHIT everyday. From having different vices introduced again I was feeling groggy, mentally foggy, and way less driven. And I hate this feeling, It’s crazy how little of some junk food can affect your body. Can’t go back to my old lifestyle as it’s nowhere near as amazing as working hard, taking care of my health, and progressing each day. As Ed Mylett said, “winning is more fun than fun is fun” and this week of “luxury” showed me that. Happiness for me doesn’t come from sitting on the couch, and eating sugar filled foods. What has been creating true lasting happiness so far has been working on my goals, spending my time on things that fill me up and staying away from those that drain my energy.

#75Hard Day 1 started again yesterday and in 75 days I WILL be better than I have ever been, better than I was when I completed #livehard and be in the best position to continue to crush this year and all years to follow. In 75 days I will make sure that my life is so much different than it is now, I will remove all the time/energy wasters, add in new, empowering activities, and work hard towards my goals each day. I learned from my mistakes, and now those previous mistakes are going to turn into future successes to ensure that I get to the life that I envision for myself and become the man I know I can be for those around me and for myself.

I will see you in the next few days for my next write up which should be on day 5 of 75Hard (June 12th) but if I feel that I want to write one up before I will so stay tuned and make sure to follow the blog if you haven’t already to follow along my journey!

Links to learn about 75Hard and the Live Hard Program

75Hard website
75Hard Podcast
75Hard Book
Live Hard Program Podcast

Here are my day 1 pictures. I will likely post a picture update every 25 days to track/show progress of the physical gains.

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